YAP TEKNIK, founded in 2001 based in Gebze Head Office and Istanbul branch; providing careful service in Hydraulic, Pneumatic Automation, Design, Engineering, Project Management, Contracting, Manufacturing, Technical Service and Spare Parts with specialized technical staff in their expertise

Yap Teknik offers the world's leading brands to our country market. Company  has carried out numerous projects and services and managed to increase its growth rate continuously.

The brands our company imports and conducts main dealer are as follow;

Hydraulic; Dofluid, Hyforce, Galtech, Oleoweb, FBN, FOX, Benteler, Cromsteel

Pneumatic; Micro, Brotech, GPA

Industrial & Process; Valftek, Ayvaz, ECA, Sardoğan 

Our own manufacturing hydraulic power units, powerpacks, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic valve blocks, special hydraulic machines and hydraulic presses are designed and engineered by Yap Teknik.

Yap Teknik has followed the technology closely with its strong and experienced staff and brought the quality of the goods and services produced to the highest point. Our company provides R&D support as well as engineering services to ensure that its customers are always one step ahead in the globalizing world.

Company expands its’ service network abroad as well as within the country and increases its’ foreign customer portfolio

Yap Teknik will continue to serve the Turkish industry with the goal of customer satisfaction as in the past.